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Materials of Wowow Products

Fluorescent material

To make yourself optimal visible during the day, you should use fluorescent colors.
These colors stand out best and provide a strong contrast with the environment.

Most of our vests use 100% woven polyester with a grammage of 120g.
Here we have the fluorescent colors yellow, orange, red, green and pink. The yellow, orange and red fabric meets the requirements of the European standard EN20471, so for professional use.
The green and pink fabric meets the EN1150 and EN17353 standards. This is how we guarantee that fabric shrink-resistant, abrasion-resistant, industrially washable and UV stabilized.

Reflective material

In situations where there is no ambient light, reflective material in combination with the lamps of vehicles is your best protection.

The tiny glass pearls in the material reflect the incoming light and provides a strong glow effect. But of course this only works with incoming light. It is of course better to use a lamp in complete darkness.

The reflective material on the Wowow products meets the high visibility standard EN20471, which guarantees a high quality of the fabric and a very high reflection factor.

Fabric features

Certain Wowow & RaceViz articles have extra fabric features, which are explained with the icons below.


Waterproofness is indicated by the water pressure that a fabric can withstand without any water penetrating the fabric. But it is hard to imagine what these numbers mean, so we placed a specific rain condition next to it.

Shower or mist rain
Waterproof fabric < 2.000mm H²O
Moderate rain (1-15mm/hr)
Waterproof fabric 2.000 – 5.000mm H²O
Heavy rain (15-30mm/hr)
Waterproof fabric >5.000 H²O

Taped seams

To have completely waterproofness, the seams must be taped.


Is expressed in terms of how many grams (g) of water vapor can pass through a square meter (m²) of the fabric from the inside to the outside in a 24 hour period.

< 2.000 g/m² / 24hr
2.000 – 5.000 g/m² / 24hr
> 5.000 g/m² / 24hr


Protection against the windchill factor – the temperature experienced in a blowing wind which is below the actual temperature.