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This Infographic gives you 8 tips for a safer journey for cyclists. Regardless if you are a commuter, a recreational cyclist or a professional, everyone benefits. These 8 tips are originated from the “Fiets Wijs” campaign in Belgium. The goal of this campaign is to create awareness for road safety. Over 200 clubs and more than 5000 individuals have already committed themselves. Via this link, you can endorse the campaign:


A group of Dutch volunteers will ride the 100st Giro d’Italia one day before the professionals do, to raise money for the Kinder ImmuunDeficiëntie fonds (KID-fonds). None other than Eddy Merckx, the world famous cyclist, is the godfather of this project.


A beginner’s guide to riding in the rain – arrive at your destination safe, dry, and happy. Before we get started with the how-to and the gear guide, let’s address the why – why should you bike in the rain? Especially when there are so many other options like buses, trains, private cars, taxis, subways, walking with an umbrella, walking in a raincoat, walking in a wetsuit, or my personal favorite: not leaving your house at all. Unfortunately, we do occasionally have to leave our houses when we don’t want to, and if those occasions happen with relative frequency (say, Monday to Friday…


Great visibility with the fluo cycle set Weather is getting better, nature is getting prettier and we love to be more outside… Summer is coming! That means that the roads will be overwhelmed by cyclists, runners and people who just love to go for a ride with friends and family. We, at Wowow Reflective wear, love outdoor sports too! But what we love more, is to make sure that you will be seen at the road! Therefore, we developed a range of new summer products which will take care of your safety. Check out our store locator for your nearest…


We’re proud to pronounce you that Microclair Sports is one of the official sponsors of the Wanty Groupe Gobert cycling team! Liège-Bastogne-Liège was the last spring classic for Wanty-Groupe Gobert. The Belgian pro-continental team was again very strong and could compete with the best World Tour teams. Enrico Gasparotto took the 12th place of the race won by the Dutchman Wout Poels (Team Sky).”I’m happy with my performance because I gave myself 110%. I could not do better today, », Enrico Gasparotto said.The race was special due to the extreme weather conditions with wind, rain and slush. «During the race,…

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