Wowow News

Keep up with the latest news regarding our products and events.


Wowow provided Kristiek from Ketnet with a fluo jacket, spokereflectors, lamps and safety stickers for a safe trip for Music for Life!


Wowow supports MarathonMan… and conversely!

With the articles of Wowow you can completely concentrate on your sport and go out running safely.

MarathonMan Stefaan Engels has this also discovered. Therefore we work together to make a new running line with clothing and accessories to make the runner more aware of the fact of being visible.


Our Danish agent, Wowow Nordic sponsors one of the top 10 handball clubs of Europe, Copenhagen AG.


The Ename Wowow MTB Challenge opening in Aalter on Saturday the 24th and Sunday the 25th of Septembre was, with not less then 2,300 participants, a huge succes. Also congratulations for the winners of different prices!


Some images of the Stratenloop in Lede

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