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Safe in traffic with Wowow

  1. Before hitting the road, you should know this: in 90% of all accidents, inadequate visibility is a major factor.
  2. Fluorescent versus reflective: it is not the same thing! Although most Wowow products are a combination of fluorescent and reflective materials, there is indeed a major difference between both. Reflective strips ensure that you are visible at night following the reflection of light originating from other road users. When using only fluorescent materials without reflective elements, your visibility at night is rather limited. The distance from which someone with fluorescent clothing is observed by a car driver, is smaller than the braking distance that a car needs when driving at a speed of 70 km/hour. In other words, reflective elements are essential in the dark. Fluorescent colours on the other make sure that you are noticed in traffic during the day as they create a contrast with the environment.
  3. Most accidents with vulnerable road users do not occur before sunrise or after sunset but during the day. That is exactly why it is hugely important to wear striking, fluorescent clothing and accessories at daylight as well.
  4. It is not enough to apply reflective and/or fluorescent elements at the front and at the back. It is highly recommended to ensure 360° visibility with sufficient attention to the sides. Then, in the majority of traffic situations, drivers do not approach one another frontally. Wowow clothing is always fitted with elements that contribute to your 360° visibility.
  5. All safety clothing and accessories of Wowow are CE-certified. This means that they must meet the relevant European safety standards.
  6. Belgium alone has every year over 9,000 victims of cycling accidents with physical injuries. This corresponds with 25 victims per day. What’s more, 7 of them die on a monthly basis.
  7. Most accidents involving cyclists occur between April and October, half of them occurs on a junction.
  8. Lighting is not only useful when it is dark. Also during the day, lighting can help other drivers to see you earlier or to better assess your approach speed.