1. In order to commit our firm every order must be confirmed in our offices.
  2. We take all useful steps in order to respect the terms of delivery and we do not accept any penalty of delay.
  3. A delay in the delivery may not in any case lead to a cancellation of the order.
  4. The goods are dispatched at the own risks of the consignee ; transportcosts are at the clients’ expense with a minimum of 50 €.
  5. In order to be valid any complaint must be made in writing to our firm, at the latest within the 24 hours which follow the receipt of the goods.
  6. In the absence of any express written provision to the contrary, all invoices are payable 30 days after invoice date, in our office
  7. Any amount unpaid on the due date shall, automatically and without prior notice, attract interest at a rate 2% above that applied on the invoice date by the Belgian National Bank for current account advances against government securities.
  8. The seller reserves the right to increase by 15% the amount of any invoice unpaid on the due date. The minimum amount of any such increase shall be 125 €.
  9. Should an invoice remain unpaid on the due date, all invoices shall immediately become due for payment, regardless of their original date of maturity.
  10. Should the buyer fail to honour his engagements, the seller may consider the contract cancelled and a letter sent by recorded delivery by the seller to the buyer shall be evidence of the seller’s exercice of this right for a cancellation-indemnification of minimum 25´% Such action shall not in any way limit or prejudice the seller’s other rights.
  11. If in the opinion of the seller there is a deterioration in the creditworthiness of the buyer, the seller reserves the right to ask the buyer to provide such guarantees as the seller may deem proper to ensure the full performance by the buyer of his engagements under the contract. Such request may be made before or after delivery of all or part of any order. Should the buyer fail to meet any reasonable demand for such a guarantee, the seller shall have the right to cancel all or part of any contracts in operation.
  12. The goods sold shall remain the property of the seller until full payment had been received by him. Nevertheless, the buyer shall be entitled to sell these goods to a third party within the normal course of his business and to deliver them provided that (if the seller so requires) the buyer shall, as long as he has not fully discharged his debt to the seller, hand over to the seller the claims that he has against the third party and wich emanate from this transaction. The proceeds of the sales should be credited to a seperate account. All risks are on the buyer’s account.
  13. The conditions of his contract shall not be modified in any way by the drawing or acceptance of a bill of exchange or by any other arrangement, nor shall any such act constitute a novation.
  14. As a mutual guarantee and commitment for a fast settlement of controversies through arbitration, B.A.I. (Belgische Arbitrage Instelling) is charged with the appointment of arbitrators who will be authorized to settle for good any controversy arising form the current document as to the interpretation, the execution or the dissolution, in conformity with its regulations for operation that can be obtained free of charge at B.A.I., Lieven Bauwensstraat 20 at 8200 Brugge (tel.0032 50/32.35.95 and fax 0032 50/45.60.74). This clause replaces all authrity clauses contrary to it, also those mentioned on the back.
  15. As from today (15/10/2012) WOWOW EUROPE BV will no longer use a reservation voucher. The order made by the customer will only be answered by a delivery note. This delivery note is automatically binding if within 24 hours , following the sending of the delivery note by WOWOW EUROPE BV, no response is given by the customer.
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