Giro For Kids

giro for kids

Saving kids’ lives by raising funds for the ‘KID-fonds’ of the KU Leuven

A lot is happening in the world when it comes to creative ideas to raise money for research for children’s’ immunodeficiency. Every year this medical problem takes a lot of children’s lives. In most cases the immunodeficiency was not even noticed!

A simple case of the flu can be deadly for children who suffer from immunodeficiency. That is why we have to draw attention to this problem and have as many supporters as possible!

What can we do?

A group of Dutch volunteers will ride the 100st Giro d’Italia one day before the professionals do, to raise money for the Kinder ImmuunDeficiëntie fonds (KID-fonds). None other than Eddy Merckx, the world famous cyclist, is the godfather of this project.

We, as Wowow, specialized in the manufacturing of reflective products, see the importance of this project. That is why we decided to be a sponsor for the ‘KID-fonds’.

On the website of the foundation, you can buy a teddy bear, named EDDY, who is the mascot of the foundation. The proceeds of the sale of EDDY goes to the foundation. You can order one for € 25,00, or just make a donation. For donations of € 40,00 you will receive a tax certificate.

So please join us and let’s make an end to the ignorance of children’s immunodeficiency. Go ride the Giro with the volunteers, make a donation, or order some EDDY teddy bears for your club, school or company!

Let’s go and do some good!  Giro for Kids